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Family History

Adventurous by nature, Jersey people have travelled and settled the world over. The recent interest in ‘family history’ brings many to the Island, searching out their ancestors and their roots.


For conservation purposes, those baptism, marriage and burial records appertaining to Holy Trinity Church which are not in current use are lodged with the Jersey Archive Centre, and can be researched there and online.




Currently the Rector has access to:


Baptism Register from 29th July 1889

Marriage Register from  6th July 2002

Burial Register from 30th March 1962


A manual data base of interments in the Churchyard and Parish burial ground from 1900.


A record of those memorial inscriptions in the churchyard that are still legible.


If you wish to seek information from these records, please email the Rector with as much detail as you can muster and he will endeavour to be of assistance.  


Please be aware that your enquiry may come at a busy time for the Rector and when he may not be able to give it the priority you wish. Please be patient.


The Deanery rate for ‘Searches’ is £28 per hour or part thereof.

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